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Typically, drains are long-lasting pipes, built to withstand a lot of gunk and muck. Eventually, however, they will need to be repaired, or even replaced. When it comes to drain services in San Jose, Vivid Plumbing can offer dependable installations, troubleshooting, and more. 

Do not hesitate to reach us online or call us at (408) 217-0955.

Sean Gallaher has been in the plumbing industry for nearly 15 years. From new construction to service, Sean has the knowledge and experience to handle all of your plumbing projects.

How to Tell if a Drain Requires Repairs

Plumbers always recommend household members to only pour water down a drain, keeping food particles to a minimum. Nevertheless, even those who dump large scraps into a trash can and use a garbage disposal will discover that their drains still become dirty and clogged over time. Pouring drain cleaner bought over the counter is not a good idea either, because these cleaners are filled with a lot of harsh chemicals that actually tear more holes into the pipes over time. The best way that homeowners can forestall their pipes from bursting is by watching out for early signs of failure. Then, they can be proactive about reaching out to our experts for fast repairs.

Do not hesitate to speak to one of our knowledgeable technicians when seeing signs such as: 

  • Repeated clogs in the sink
  • Standing water that refuses to leave the shower or tub
  • Foul odors rising from the pipes, especially when the water is turned on
  • Weird noises like gurgling, banging, groaning, or rattling
  • The presence of dirt and debris floating in the water

When Do Drains Need to Be Replaced?

Professionals say that the typical lifespan of a drain is anywhere between 50 to 60 years, but that greatly depends on what the drain is made of. Metal pipes such as steel, brass, and iron can usually last for this length of time but can also succumb to corrosion from highly acidic substances in the soil. PEX drains commonly last 50 years and cast-iron pipes are known to survive up to 100 years in certain circumstances. Because the ground surrounding pipes can be unique to every home, along with each household’s habits of waste disposal, it is best to just speak to our techs for an inspection.

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Keep Your Drains Clean the Right Way

Notice that the water in the sink is taking a long time to go down? This issue is likely caused by a dirty drain. As tempting as it may be to clean out all the gunk and debris with an inexpensive cleaner bought at the store, this is only a temporary fix. To avoid further corrosion that results from cleaner chemicals, call our team for snaking. When applied by one of our experts at Vivid Plumbing, this tried-and-true method can clean out the drain in no time.

With over 15 years in the plumbing industry, our techs can help with any drain services in San Jose. Call us at (408) 217-0955.

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